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  1. DarkGeneralUnizaki Jul 05, 2012


    Karin is pretty as well. ^-^

    merged: 12-11-2012 ~ 08:55pm
    Nyuu.... .....

  2. B-BRabbit Apr 04, 2012

    C.C is pretty

  3. DarkGeneralUnizaki Apr 14, 2011

    Welcome Walking.

    To answer your question, Haou I like the new change no more credits ya!

  4. WalkingEncyclopedia Apr 10, 2011

    Hi I'm new :)
    And Lelouch is my favourite male anime character :D

  5. HaouJudai6 Mar 27, 2011

    Hey guys
    How you been? Anything new?

    merged: 04-04-2011 ~ 10:59pm
    Sup you all how you guys like the new mt credit removasl policy?

  6. MiMi Mar 23, 2011

    Hi to everyone! I'm sorry for my absence these days.. but well I've come back and with new allies tto support the group n_n Welcome all to sunrise-fans (for all the love of Code Geass and other animes from this company), vocaloid2, and hetalia-axis-powers

    And also let's welcome to the new members as well... n_n

  7. DarkGeneralUnizaki Mar 13, 2011

    Welcome back Haou. Great Wallie Zetto-san!

  8. HaouJudai6 Mar 08, 2011

    At world's end the second OP Now is the group song. Nice and sup guys

  9. Lunariha Mar 07, 2011

    Welcome to the new members! Thanks for joining ;)

  10. Zettodono Jan 15, 2011

    My Newest Code Geass Wall: Dawn of the Rebellion

  11. DarkGeneralUnizaki Dec 03, 2010

    The group has a new song? hmm?

    merged: 01-15-2011 ~ 02:56am
    eh... silence

  12. HaouJudai6 Nov 08, 2010

    Good there and new song is good for the group

  13. DarkGeneralUnizaki Nov 04, 2010

    I've been good these days Haou.

  14. HaouJudai6 Nov 03, 2010

    Hey there guys how you all been?

  15. DarkGeneralUnizaki Aug 27, 2010

    Yea! new walliees ^-^

    merged: 09-09-2010 ~ 11:03pm
    Silent here too. =(

    merged: 09-27-2010 ~ 03:11am
    Nyah! hm....

    merged: 10-08-2010 ~ 07:11pm
    Life is full of mysteries.

    merged: 10-25-2010 ~ 01:13am
    Silence still lingers here even after a few months. Life comes before anything else.

  16. HaouJudai6 Aug 20, 2010

    I see we got some new wallapaers in the gallery

  17. DarkGeneralUnizaki Jul 18, 2010

    *General salutes Haou*

    Yes it is good to have you back Haou (makes my job easier LOL)

    merged: 07-19-2010 ~ 07:43pm
    I made a funny. ^0^

    merged: 07-23-2010 ~ 07:46am
    Hm... silence again.

    merged: 08-02-2010 ~ 09:52pm
    DOR is silent yet again.

  18. HaouJudai6 Jul 12, 2010

    Sup general good to be back

  19. DarkGeneralUnizaki Jul 06, 2010

    Welcome back Haou.

  20. HaouJudai6 Jul 04, 2010

    This group rocks

  21. DarkGeneralUnizaki Jun 29, 2010

    Yes welcome to the club! *Ni-pah!*

    merged: 07-03-2010 ~ 09:10pm
    Hm... silence is NO GOOD.

  22. MiMi Jun 18, 2010

    Hi to everyone sorry for not being so active in days (ad yeahm, I'm an appointed admin, so I didnt have time to enter, sorry guys. . .)

    And as DarkGeralUki said, we need some more interaction yeas, and that starts by welcoming the new members! Thank you for joining this group and sharing the love <3


    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! feel welcome here anytime!

  23. DarkGeneralUnizaki May 23, 2010

    Yes. All are welcome to Demons-of-Rebellion club! Welcome Yoko, Moreanato and Aska89

    merged: 05-26-2010 ~ 04:44pm
    hm... seems quiet here.

    merged: 06-01-2010 ~ 01:47am
    Dead here too.

    merged: 06-15-2010 ~ 07:53am
    hm... this club need more interaction between members.

  24. Aska89 May 19, 2010

    can i join?

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